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“We want to transform our airplane hangar into a winter wonderland”

Our client wanted to throw a corporate holiday party for executives and spouses inside their private airplane hangar. No problem! We love a blank palette when it comes to creating event spaces! We were loading in our equipment when the client called to apologize. They asked if we could still start setting up while their multimillion-dollar jet was still parked in the middle of our soon-to-be event space. With a quick adjustment to our production timeline, we went to work. Starting on the walls and perimeters of the space, we worked our way around the inside of the hangar until we were finished. Eventually, the jet was moved out, and we completed decorating and lighting the rest of the space with plenty of time to spare!

“We want to have a cocktail party in the parking deck”

Use an ugly parking deck for an event space? This client had us transform a parking garage into a tropical themed event space for 2,000 people. The event logistics included setting up a multi-line buffet station, multiple beverage stations, seating areas and a separate catering area. We created and designed the layout including all of the power, lighting, props, plants, and soundscaping needed to transform this challenging space into our client’s vision. Tropical color washes brightened the dark garage throughout while chartreuse palm patterned gobo projections helped give a texture to the parking garage walls. Giant potted palms, tropical print linens, and tiki torch centerpieces brought everything together to convey the theme of this event.

“The company picnic is tomorrow and it’s going to rain, what are we going to do?”

Another parking garage story? Yes, but this one wasn’t planned for and actually set a new standard for doing events moving forward. At the last minute we needed to transform a company’s parking garage into a company picnic site due to torrential rains flooding the field where the event was already preset. With some creative problem solving, our event producer suggested moving the picnic into the parking garage as a solution to the unforeseen weather disaster. Pulling our resources, we moved the entire picnic set up into the company’s parking garage - running power, installing fun lighting and bubble machines, setting up games and concessions, and swapping out the tall inflatable rides for shorter ones so they would fit in the garage! This was so successful that now this client’s corporate picnics are always held in the garage and adjacent gymnasium.

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