Special Effects

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Confetti Cannons

These units shoot a blast of confetti at various heights and volume depending on the desired effect, and are installed and operated by our trained staff. Confetti cannons are adaptable to venue size and ceiling heights, and can shoot paper streamers, Mylar streamers, confetti, or a combination of both confetti and streamers

Confetti Blowers

This confetti effect creates a huge cloud of confetti that has a high hang (time in the air) and allows the confetti to float down slowly. This effect is for when you want a continuous, sustained effect of confetti falling at your event.

Handheld Confetti Cannons

These confetti cannon rentals are great for the DIY customer. These easy to operate confetti cannons are great for weddings, milestone celebrations, gender reveals, or any special event where fanfare is needed at a certain moment. These units are easy to operate and the confetti or streamers are safely propelled by CO2 cartridges-there is no spark or flame. Handheld confetti cannon rentals can fire paper streamers, Mylar streamers, confetti or a mixture of both.

Exploding Balloons Confetti Effect

With this spectacular effect our special effects staff install giant balloons filled with confetti in the ceiling of your venue. When guests enter the event space they may think these balloons are simply just a part of the room décor. When the confetti effect is desired, the balloons will explode at the same time creating a BANG with clouds of confetti falling from overhead.

Types of events for confetti effects:
  • Political Conventions
  • Weddings
  • Birthday Parties
  • Corporate Milestone Events
  • Concerts
  • New Year’s Eve Parties
  • Bar and Bat Mitzvahs
  • School Dances
  • Gender Reveal
  • Grand Openings
  • Sports Teams
  • Any time you want a TA DA!!!
Kabuki Drops

The Kabuki Drop, or a Curtain Reveal, is a special effect technique used for theatrical effects and for all kinds of special events. A drape or other light-weight fabric is released from above and dropped on cue to unmask a performer, space or product. Great for surprise reveals of artists or things like statues, art pieces or anything that needs an impressive reveal.

Cold Spark Machines

For a truly spectacular effect we now offer Cold Spark Machines! Great for sporting events, concerts, theater, corporate events, social events and weddings. 100% safe to use indoors as there is no burning, no smoke and no odor. Sparkler height effect can be adjusted from 3’ – 15’.

Fog Effects

Fog effects come in a number of different ways that will meet your special event needs.

Ground Fog: You might associate this look with a spooky Halloween cemetery or for a dramatic concert stage effect. Fog stays low to the ground and does not rise.

Open Fog: A complete filling of the air from top to bottom with fog. This fog effect is perfect for grand entries for football teams or when you want to create the effect of a foggy night for your special event.

Haze: This fogging effect is not visible to the eye until the lights go down and the event lighting comes on, visibly revealing the shafts of light produced from our special event lighting fixtures. These shafts of light show up as beams taking on the lighting color and movement as seen in rock concerts. Add moving beams of light or lasers with haze in the air for a stunning effect. This haze fog effect can be safely used in most circumstance where there are fire suppression detectors present.

Balloon Drops

Milestone celebrations, grand openings, mergers, rallies and many more occasions call for an eye-popping spectacle. We install balloon drops in hotels, coliseums, and large tent structures. Balloon drops may consist of any color variety to suit your special event needs. Our professional installers will do a site visit to determine which balloon drop rig is best suited for you. No New Year’s Eve party would be complete without having a balloon drop at the strike of midnight.

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