String Pull Carnival Game  Rental – An iconic carnival game with strings attached.

The string pull game has been on carnival midways for years. The game may be played in several ways. The first option is that a player selects one string trying to find the one that pulls up the winning display board. The second method is the player selects two strings attempting to find the two cords that pull up matching placards. This game may be customized with a company logo or custom graphics.


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String Pull Carnival Game

Description: Each string is attached to a hidden paddle.  The player selects two strings to pull which will raise the paddle into view.  If the design on the two paddles match the player wins.  If they do not match the player wins a consolation prize.

Type of Game:  Chance

Skill Level:  Easy

Alternative Game Name:   The String Game,  String Pull, Pull The String, and Strings

Age Recommendation:  6 and Up

Game Dimensions  (LxWxH) :  48 x 24 x30 inches

Weight:  52  lbs

Electricity Required:   None

Suggested Space Needed  LxWxH):  8’x8’x7′

Popular Usage:  Company Picnics, School Carnival, Church Carnival, Employee Engagement, Customer Appreciation,  Trade Shows, Displays, Promotions,  Birthdays

Themes:  Carnival Midway,  Circus

Included with Game:   Game Unit

String Game – Contestants pull 2 strings from a pile. Once the strings are pulled, a block of wood is raised. 2 ways to play: 1) either both blocks raised must be the same picture; 2) or both blocks raised must equal over 11 or under 7.


Additional Comments:

Some games may require a table for setup – Unless noted tables are not included.

The following items are available at an additional cost:  carnival table covers, carnival booths, carnival tents, and prizes.

Set up and tear down services are available at an additional cost.


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