Limbo Deluxe Party Frame Game  –  Let’s do the Limbo Rock !

Chubby Checker made the song and the dance popular back with his vocal recording of Limbo Rock in 1962.  Ever since, it has been a classic party dance at a multitude of different type of parties.  The fun begins wihen the music starts and the crowd lines up to play.


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Limbo Deluxe Party Frame Game

Game Play Description:

The premise of the game is simple but so much harder to master.   The Limbo Bar ( a horizontal wooden bar )  is placed across two vertical posts.  The contestants line up and attempt to cross under the bar by lowering their backs toward the floor without touching the bar.  If a person knocks the bar off the off the posts or they fall when crossing,  then that person is eliminated from the game.  Rules also state that no part of their body may touch the bar or and only their feet can touch the ground.   When each person has made a pass at a given height the bar is lowered slightly to make each pass progressively harder.  The game continues until only one person can pass under the lowest height.

Alternative Game Names: The Limbo, Limbo Rock

Skill Level:  Easy – Difficult

Age Recommendation:  6 and up

Game Dimensions (LxWxH): 36″ x 84″ x 84″ inches

Weight: 78  lbs

Electricity Required:  None (electricity may be required to play music )

Suggested Space Needed ( LxWxH ):  15x15x8′

Popular Usage: Company Picnics, School Carnival, Church Carnival, Employee Engagement, Customer Appreciation,  Trade Shows, Displays, Promotions,  Birthdays

Themes:  Carnival, Tropical,  Nautical, Luau

Included with Game:   Game Frame with backdrop,  adjustable brackets, limbo stick ,  travel case and music CD

Additional Comments:

Some games may require a table for setup – Unless noted tables are not included.

The following items are available at an additional cost:  carnival table covers, carnival booths, carnival tents, and prizes

Set up and tear down services are available at an additional cost

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Limbo Game Assembly Instructions


Complete Limbo packaging, assembly instructions, rules, and safety guidelines.