Foosball Table Arcade Game Rental

Invented to simulate and bring the fun and popularity of soccer inside to the arcade. Our foosball table will bring fun to your next event. Up to 4 players can play on one table using the rods on each side to move the soccer players back and forth to move (or kick) the ball to score against the opposing team.



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Foosball Table Arcade Game

A table or arcade game that was created to bring the appeal of soccer or football indoors.  The objective of the game is to use the control knobs back and forth to kick the ball into your opponent’s goal.  Great for up to 4 players per table.

Game Names:  Table Soccer or Table Football

Game Type:  Arcade

Skill Level:   Beginner to Advanced

Age Recommendation:   8 and Up

Game Dimensions ( LxWxH ):  56x48x36 inches

Weight: 110  lbs

Electricity Required:   None

Suggested Space Needed (LxWxH):  9’x 8’x 8′

Popular Usage:  Fun  Nights, Ice Breakers, Employee Engagement, Customer Appreciation, After Proms,  After Graduations Birthdays

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Great game for 2 – 4 players
Multiple units in stock-  Check out our other arcade games

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