Table Bar Top Risers, The Best Option for Creating an Affordable, Clean Looking Bar

Creates a bar height ( 42″ )  serving area for a 6′ rectangular table. Add your favorite color linens to complete the look.



Add-ons total:



Bar Top Riser for 6′ Table

Dimensions in feet:  6 L x 12 inches

Dimensions in inches:  72  x 12 inches

Shape: Rectangle

Height:  30 inches

Weight:  12″

Fabrication Material: Wood with black laminate top – metal folding legs

Color:   Wood Stain – with black laminate to

Linen sizes frequently used:

Black Bar Skirt, please inquire.

Bar Top Uses:

Creates a bar riser that attaches to the front of our 6′ rec tables. Creates a better beverage serving experience for guests.

Additional Comments:

Basic Rounds, Rectangulars, or Banquet tables will generally always require a linen, not intended to use without a linen

Suggested Spacing:    Allow for a 11’x 8’ space

Note:   Tables will generally always require a linen, not intended to use without a linen

Other bar top table sizes available

Set up and tear down services are available at an additional cost

Additional Information: 

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