LOUNGE CUBE OTTOMAN 4’x4′ – Various Colors


Giant Lounge Cube Rentals ( 4’x4′ ) for Special Events

Our lounge cubes are 4ft x 4ft and provide seating on all 4 sides, comfortably accommodating 6 – 8 guests. These giant lounge cubes are perfect for weddings, corporate events and other special events. Lounge cubes come standard in white and black, but we do have a few other colors and patterns to choose from, plus we offer custom colored fabric matching upon request.


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Lounge Cubes

Dimensions ( LxWxH): 48x48x17 inches
Color:  Various colors to choose from
Weight: 76 lbs
Approximate Weight Capacity: 900 lbs
Seating Capacity:  6-8
Fabrication Material:  Metal Frame, Foam and Fabric Coverings
Power Required: No

Additional Comments:
Multiple units available
Accessories with fabrics and pillow
May be used in a variety of configurations

Additional Information:
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