Skee Ball Electronic Arcade Game Rental –  An arcade favorite for over 100 years

Originally invented in 1908,  it quickly caught on and has been popular ever since.   For many years you had to go to a carnival or the boardwalk.   Now with our portable models you can bring the fun directly to your guests.   Great for fun nights and corporate hospitality areas.


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Game Description

A Classic arcade game is played by rolling a ball up the inclined alley and over the ball ramp that jumps the ball into the bullseye scoring rings.   The object of the game is to score as many points as possible by having the ball land into the score zones which have increasing point values.  The electronic displays keep track of the action.

Alternate Game Names:  Skeeball,  Skee Ball,  Skee-Ball,  and Skee Ball Alley

Game Type:  Arcade

Skill Level:  Beginner to Advanced

Age Recommendation:   6 and Up

Number of Players:   1 – 2

Game Dimensions  ( LxWxH ) :   108″ x 26″ x 62″

Weight:   120 lbs

Electricity Required:   Yes

Suggested Space Needed ( LxWxH ):  12’x5’x12′

Popular Usage:  Fun  Nights, Ice Breakers, Employee Engagement, Customer Appreciation, After Proms,  After Graduations,  Birthdays and Holiday Parties

Additional Comments:

Includes arcade game and 4 balls

Multiple units available

Our assortment of arcade, or table games can provide  great conversation and mingling areas at events and can really be great with breaking  the ice.   Whether it’s pool tables, ping pong, skee ball, or darts, the games are a great idea!  For more great ideas and suggestions, please consult your Magic Special Events’ coordinator

Set up and tear down services are available at an additional cost

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